Meet Viki Odintcova (Playboy Model & Daredevil)


We have featured a lot of models on our page in the past, from Vine Stars to airline hostess all the way to Mexico to feature the hottest weather girl on the planet; Yanet Garcia.

Today, we have for you a small feature about Playboy model Victoria Odintcova, a Russian model that not only turns heads but is also a bit of a dare-devil.

Meet Victoria Odintcova


Victoria is one of the most in-demand Russian models out there and was also a cover-girl in PlayBoy magazine (don’t bother looking, back then PlayBoy weren’t publishing nude photos).

While her undeniable good-looks and charming eyes make her a model to look out for, we also have to give her credit for being one adrenaline-seeking junkie.

Not too long ago, you might’ve heard of a supermodel that climbed to the top of a Dubai Skyscraper to take a selfie, well that model was none other than Victoria Odintcova.

You can see a video of her death-defying adventure here:

Below you will find some of our fav orate pictures from Victoria’s Instagram page (which we strongly suggest you follow).

We’ll also include Victoria’s behind-the-scenes video from her PlayBoy photo shoot below.

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