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Laser Tag and Games
I get asked a lot about the meaning behind my tattoos. The backstory is literally that I was underage and borderline retarded and let my full-retard boyfriend at the time do them for me 🌝🔫
Yes, they are extremely uneven. His only prior tattooing experience was on a fucking tangerine 🌝🔫🔫
So we are in the process of lasering the revulvas. However, whatever unmarked-bottle/off-brand ink he ordered on eBay to do the second tattoo is apparently resistant to the laser, hence the uneven fading. 🌝🔫🔫🔫
To answer any follow-up questions:
Yes, I fucking hate myself.
No, by some miracle, I did not get Hep C.
Middle Earth
One time I accidentally talked to a dude who believed in astrology, and he made me download some horoscope app and dead seriously sent me some shit like:⠀
“Omg you’re a Virgo and I’m an air sign, a Gemini. We’re incompatible with earth signs #🚩🚩🚩”⠀

And to be honest we did end up clashing, but it was probably because I roasted him so hard for fucking saying that, not because of my date of birth.⠀

Me: “Lol okay let me make up the next role play, you’re Viggo and I’m whoever played Gimli. We’re in a battle for Middle-earth with Sauron⠀
#asLOTRology lol”⠀
Me: “lol”⠀
Me: “hello”⠀
Him: “You can no longer sent Direct Messages to this person. Learn more”


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