Eva Padlock (The Incredible Spanish Bombshell)


Greetings gentleman. It’s been a while since we published a post featuring a stunner such as today’s feature but here we are in 2018 and we want to start things off with a bang.

Today’s featured Instagram model is none other than the incredible, jaw-dropping Monster girl, Eva Padlock!

I can’t remember exactly how I came across Eva’s Instagram page but it just might be one of the luckiest days of my life.

I have a “type” for girls; Latin, dark-skinned, a strong jaw-line and an amazing body to compliment it all. Eva Padlock has this is in spades and much more!

Who Is Eva Padlock?

Eva Padlock

Eva, who’s claim-to-fame apart from breaking guy’s hearts on Instagram is her feature as a MONSTER energy drink model.

She’s also been featured in Sports Illustrated’s Lovely Lady of the Day Edition and also on Thrill Bender as their Babe of the Day.

Well, we’re going to go a step further here and claim Eva Padlock to be “babe of the month”. As you will see from her pictures (and videos) below, she deserves all the credit.

Eva Padlock’s Instagram

With the perfect Mediterranean-toned body + the perfect bust to waist ratio, Eva Padlock’s Instagram is one of the hottest ones we’ve yet to see and trust me, we’ve seen plenty of hot Instagram models.

Eva Padlock’s Instagram, which luckily is updated frequently boasts an impressive, yet unsurprising; 417,000 followers!

Although she’s most active on Instagram, you can also see her Facebook page here.

Also, if you decide to follow her on Instagram, never miss the chance of seeing her Story posts as they are INCREDIBLE!

Anyways, we’ll leave you to it but before you go, here are some of our favourite Eva Padlock pictures and videos.

Eva Padlock Videos:

Eva’s Most Recent Instagram Snaps:

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